12 Days of Christmas of Comglasco Aguila Glass

Comglasco Aguila Glass, an Auto Glass distributor in the Philippines will always have the heart to help, not only through their business clients but also outside of the office. Because the company knows the idea that every people, no matter their economic status may be, will have the eagerness to help others because it makes them happy knowing that they were able to make a difference, which is not only beneficial to the person who received it but also rewarding to the one that provided that selfless act.

Pantay-pantay Tayong Lahat

The people of Comglasco Aguila Glass are not biased as to who or what they will help, as long as the principle of helping others genuinely regardless of their gender preference is what matters most, because we are all equal. One of the LGBTQIA++ community that the company helped is Sir Ronald, also known by his nickname Rhonzkie who has been a stylist for more than 15 years that worked in the same salon, and the same place. He is fortunate to receive a new set of basic parlor necessities from the company which he can use for his salon since what he currently own has aged so much over the years. The thought of it may be small, but sharing happiness with people like Rhonzkie is worth every moment to cherish, and a deed of kindness worth telling.

Almusal ng Pasasalamat

Being able to build a strong relationship with clients requires more than just providing them with what they need and ensuring that they are satisfied with the service they are receiving, rather it needs care and appreciation for the customers’ continued support and trust in the company. So, Comglasco Aguila Glass remembers those loyal customers and gives away free doughnuts to them as our way of appreciation. For how sweet the doughnuts are, is in parallel to how happy we are to have you here with us. If it weren’t for them, it would not be possible for a company to continue and grow.

Balik Pasasalamat

Comglasco Aguila Glass wants a customer to always come and go from their shop happy, and because the company cares for its loyal customers, they have given away free windshield wipers, as a way of gratitude for their unwavering support for the company. Because every wave that the wiper does is like waving back to welcome you with warm regards.

Liga sa darating na Pasko

There is always a different kind of joy in seeing the gleeful faces of the students from Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School as Comglasco Aguila Glass blessed them with a new Basketball Board. It is worth the preparation to have this project happen, but it wouldn’t also be possible if it weren’t for the school’s warm welcome and accommodation that this event has been a memorable one. Being able to donate a basketball board to the school will be beneficial for their plans of renovating their half-court into a whole court, and once it’s done, the students will have a blast playing hoops and enjoy their newly renovated basketball court.

Handog namin kay Tatay

Being a jeepney driver is a tough job that requires multitasking to another level because not only is the driver needs to pay attention on the road, but he also computes the fare change to be given back to the passengers. That is why Comglasco Aguila Glass decided to give Kuya Joben Solomon the happiness he deserve by providing him with a free windshield replacement for his Jeepney. Seeing him smile at the opportunity of having a free replacement for his old one is a sight to remember, and the people of Comglasco Aguila Glass appreciate Jeepney drivers like him because they serve an important role to the commuters. Now with a new crystal clear windshield, Kuya Joben Solomon is enthusiastic to drive and serve the commuters while enjoying the view.

Silayan ang Daan ng Paroroonan

Driving through a long destination with a tint that is no longer effective as it was before can make traveling very unbearable. Thus, Comglasco Aguila Glass provides free Window Tinting Services on this special occasion for our beloved customers for the reason that the company cares and wants its customers to drive safely, and hassle-free where they no longer need to glare because of extreme sunlight.

Sagot ko Linaw ng Biyahe mo

Whenever we go out to get to work, up until we go home, they are the transportation that we always wait and look for to get to our next destination. We may have taken them for granted as part of our day-to-day life, but for the most part, they play an important role whenever we start our travel. And for someone like Tatay Rogelio, Comglasco Aguila Glass has extended their gratitude by giving him a windshield replacement for the tricycle as gratis and as the company’s Christmas blessing because of his diligence and hard work as a tricycle driver. Because it is our pleasure to serve people like Tatay Rogelio, we are glad to return his service with a gift like a windshield that he deserves, and that represents the crystal clear appreciation and joy of the company to share happiness.

Pinta ng Pangarap

A child becoming separated from a family because of poverty is one of the biggest factors leading to it, and is such an unforgiving reality. It is said that “Every Picture Tells a Story” in one of Rod Stewart’s songs, which is why Comglasco Aguila Glass wants that story to be drawn and be the image of a colorful future for the children, hence the team has prepared a special project to spread joy for the children of Gentle Hands, Inc. through acrylic painting activity. Not only did the children enjoy the activity, but they are also very happy to receive toys donated by our generous sponsors, Urbanize and Kids Company.

I-Print para sa kinabukasan

Having a heart for helping the poor, and serving the community by teaching catechesis is something that requires full dedication, provided that every cause that a nun does is dedicated to, and has guidance from God. Hence, Comglasco Aguila Glass has blessed them with a three-in-one printer as a present for the Poor Daughters of the Crowned Virgin, Perpetual Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Inc. for their office use and the company’s recognition for their unwavering love to help the less fortunate ones.

Akap kay Bantay

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and that is true in many ways. Whenever our loved ones are not home, they are the ones that accompany us so we will not feel alone. And whenever we come back from our office, they are the ones that greet us and take away our stress from work. That is why the company donated two sacks of dog food to CARA Welfare Philippines. Helping an animal shelter by donating food to them may not be enough, but it makes a difference that goes a long way because Comglasco Aguila Glass cares for everyone, and by everyone, that includes dogs which ensure the security of their future owners’ homes.

Ligtas na bukas para sa tagaligtas ng buhay

No one wants to receive news that our family members, friends, or loved ones are rushed to the hospital. But in cases where such an unwanted event happens, we can only hope that an ambulance will arrive fast. The people involved in an ambulance play an important role, from the first responders, and ambulance officers, down to the patient transport officers. They are one of the many heroes that we count on in times of emergencies, which is why the company donated to Quirino Memorial Medical Center an acrylic glass to be used in one of their ambulances because Comglasco Aguila Glass acknowledges our front liners, we salute them for doing so much for our society, and for taking such good care for family members.


Comglasco Aguila Glass will always be at your service and will never waver in providing what you need. It is always our pleasure to have you here with us, continually strengthening the relationship we have built through trust. Together, our entire team will maintain its dedication to supporting the foundation of its purpose and goal of the company, striving for excellence, and the satisfaction of everyone.

An act of kindness creates a positive outcome in every aspect of life where each individual will find an appreciative and optimistic perspective on oneself. Therefore, Comglasco Aguila Glass will repeat these good deeds and never get weary of it, and will always be optimistic looking forward to a promising future.

Here at Comglasco Aguila Glass, we are a family with a passion to help anyone with their automotive needs. So, visit our official website: https://www.comglasco.com/ and see our 12 Days of Christmas of Comglasco Aguila Glass video in our Youtube channel to know more about us, and feel free to contact us for inquiries. We look forward to being of service to you.

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