Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Steps

Comglasco Aguila Glass is a company that you can rely on when it comes to auto glass maintenance because taking good care of one’s vehicle means that safety is guaranteed. A damaged windshield should not be delayed, instead, it must be given the same level of priority whenever we have an appointment with a doctor since the windshield installation can be done in around 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the vehicle and the kind of auto-glass window being installed. Judging from how long it will only take, it’s no excuse to not have a windshield replacement soon, nor does it need to leave the vehicle at the shop overnight. Ever wondered how it is done by professionals that it would only take them that long to have it installed? Knowing the process of installation will also benefit the person as he will have an idea. So, when they arrive at the shop, they will know if the process is performed the right way.

Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Steps

  • Remove Wipers
  • Remove Cowl
  • Remove the Broken or Damaged Parts of the Windshield from the Pinch Weld
  • Remove the Old Sealant
  • Place Primer on Pinch Weld to Ensure Adhesion Between the Sealant and the Vehicle
  • Apply the Sealant
  • Place the New Windshield
  • Reinstall the Wipers and Cowl
  • After Installation, it is best to drive with a max speed of 60 km/h for 3 days. The car can also be washed after 3 days.

Remove Wipers

Removing the wipers as the first step before proceeding with whatever follows is a no-brainer since wipers obstruct the windshield if a person ever decides to remove it directly. So, it is without question, that it is necessary to have it removed along with other parts that may get in the way when uninstalling the old windshield.

Remove the Broken or Damaged Parts of the Windshield from the Pinch Weld

During the removal of such parts, there will be noticeable wear and tear that should be cleared out. This is a must because if a primer is placed without removing the broken parts, the undercoat will not properly stick to the surface of the vehicle.

Remove the Old Sealant

An old sealant should be removed because applying the new one over the old one will not make the bonding as strong and effective as it should be. Removing it will help to properly apply and seal the area between the windshield and the vehicle.

Place Primer on Pinch Weld to Ensure Adhesion Between the Sealant and the Vehicle

A primer must be applied before applying sealant since it is an undercoat formulated to ensure the maximum adhesion of the topcoat or in this case the sealant. A primer keeps the topcoats from slipping, peeling, or even flaking, which is why the primer should be applied before the sealant; ensuring the effectiveness of the adhesion when installing the windshield.

Apply the Sealant

Now that the pinch weld is cleaned, it is ready for the sealant to be applied on the edges, where the sealant’s adhesive will keep the new windshield in place. With this in mind, the sealant must be applied evenly and swiftly as it might begin to dry before the windshield is even installed

Place the New Windshield

Once the sealant is applied, the technicians will then carefully place the glass over the hole in the vehicle, it will be positioned in a way that will fit properly within the pinch weld. Afterward, the glass will then be pushed into place, and as the sealant is set, it is at this time that the windshield is left to cure.

Reinstall the Wipers and Cowl

Now that the new windshield is placed and waiting for the sealant to dry up, the wipers and cowl can be installed back since this is already a wrap-up.

After Installation, it is best to drive with a max speed of 60 km/h for 3 days. The car can also be washed after 3 days.

When all is set and done from the shop, one should bear in mind that a newly installed windshield should not be put through such stress as the sealant adhesive is still required to have ample time to be completely cured, and this will take about 3 days. It is at this period that the car must be driven only at a maximum speed of 60 km/h, this is because the pressure of strong winds caused by the speed can push the windshield out of place. The driver should take caution as well when driving on roads with uneven, bumpy surfaces because this could cause major stress on the sealant – resulting in misalignment. Do not use power washers since these have high pressure that can damage or shift the new moldings, but instead go for a regular hand wash if you want to have your car cleaned after the windshield installation.

Being informed on how the procedure is done will help a customer to be aware of the installation process if it is done properly, and prevent unwanted damages that might occur due to lack of knowledge after a successful windshield installation. All parts of a car must be given full attention, and one of them when damaged is required to be addressed soon, since a minor impairment is already a sign of risk that must be given priority to prevent an accident that is waiting to happen. The Windshield is one of the parts of a vehicle that needs to be given the same level of importance as the others since it plays a significant role in supporting the structural integrity of an automobile. That is why when it comes to quality and promising service for your windshield, Comglasco Aguila Glass will always deliver. So, visit us on our official website or go to one of our branches near you to experience exceptional customer service that can only be found only here at Comglasco Aguila Glass.

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