Cost, Caliber, and Convenience are three major things to consider when your car requires glass replacement. Low cost, high caliber, and sheer convenience are what we’ve been providing since 1946.


We have a colossal inventory of Bus Glass including windshield, door glass, side glass, and back glass (backlite). Keeping our fellow citizens safe and comfortable in their daily commute and travel is of utmost priority.


Comglasco Polyurethane Sealant is a hybrid sealant with excellent adhesion strength. With a promise of environmental friendliness, its non-sag and quick curing properties is non-corrosive to metals, delivers instant fixing, and has optimum storage stability/shelf life.


A high performance film with dimensional stability. SUPRA has an array of shades that block heat and glare; with solar energy and UV rejection reflectivity. Scratch resistant and having the ability to withstand tensile force, SUPRA is truly a remarkable brand of tint.


In order for glass to be sealed to a fixture or frame and to prevent outside elements from entering, Rubber Weather Strips are a vital component for Vehicle and Architectural glass installations. We carry a vast array of long-lasting rubber products.


We have gathered and further trained highly skilled and knowledgeable Automotive Glass Installers in the country. They work swiftly, diligently, accurately, and with integrity. Your vehicle is safe with us.

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