Are you looking for a car window tinting near you? Fortunately, Comglasco Aguila Glass offers the service you need with SUPRA Tints. These high-performance films are made of clear polyester with a thin layer of tinting and come in several shades of black, including Super Dark Black, Dark Black, and Medium Black, as well as Magic Black and One Way Silver. 

These tints are scratch-resistant and offer high tensile strength and dimensional stability. They also provide solar energy and UV rejection reflectivity, which helps to block heat and glare. The technical specs for each shade vary in terms of Visible Light Transmittance, Total Solar Energy Rejected, Reflectivity, and UV Rejection, allowing you to choose the shade that best suits your needs.




Scratch resistant

High-performance film

Blocks heat and glare

Tensile strength

Dimensional stability

Solar energy and UV rejection reflectivity


Super Dark Black:

    • Visible Light Transmittance 6.6%
    • Total Solar Energy Rejected 43.2%
    • Reflectivity 6.1%
    • UV Rejected 99%

Dark Black:

    • Visible Light Transmittance 11.8%
    • Total Solar Energy Rejected 40.4%
    • Reflectivity 6.2%
    • UV Rejected 99%

Medium Black:

    • Visible Light Transmittance 33.4%
    • Total Solar Energy Rejected 33.0%
    • Reflectivity 6.4%
    • UV Rejected 99%

Magic Black:

    • Visible Light Transmittance 9.7%
    • Total Solar Energy Rejected 58.4%
    • Reflectivity 12.5%
    • UV Rejected 99%

One-Way Silver:

    • Visible Light Transmittance 9.8%
    • Total Solar Energy Rejected 78.9%
    • Reflectivity 46.8%
    • UV Rejected 99%
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