Car Windshield

Comglasco Aguila Glass manufactures the highest quality autoglass available on the market. It is especially designed for the ultimate protection of vehicles from the forces of nature and all road hazards. Comglasco autoglass provides a clear, undistorted view of the road while creating a safe, comfortable environment for passengers. Widely recognized for high standards, Comglasco proudly displays the Philippine Standard Mark of Quality (PS Mark) and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification on all its products. Vehicles manufactured in the United States, Europe, or Asia can find replacement glass here. Whether the model is a sedan, van, SUV, pick-up truck, or built for a heavy load, Comglasco promises a precision fit for all your autoglass needs.


Windshields or Windscreens:  Made of high-quality safety glass constructed by laminating a plastic layer between two sheets of curved autoglass and bonded into the window frame.

Classifications of Windshields:           

  1. Clear Tempered Glass (CT) – is a type of safety glass used as the windshield, side, and back windows of most automobiles. It is manufactured through a controlled thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength and durability. A tempering process balances internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. The small pieces of glass are less likely to cause injury in the event of an accident.
  • Fully Tempered Glass – shatters easily and is grainy “butilbutil” in appearance.
  • Zone Tempered Glass – required by the DTI. When shattered, this glass crumbles and collapses into tiny pieces producing chunks of glass that are not sharp. Our ICC marking validates the glass has met the DTI’s quality standard.
  1. Clear Laminated Glass (CL)—When cracked or chipped, this glass will leave a line or “spider web” pattern without actually breaking into shards. It is toughened glass that is clear or colored and comes in 4.5mm to 6mm thicknesses.
  • Dimensions: Varies from 227mm to 2.210 mm
  • Colors:
    • GTN—Green Tinted No Shade
    • CLN—Clear Laminated No Shade
    • GGN—Green Color Green Shade
    • GBN—Green Color Blue Shade


  • Black Ceramic Print (W/C)
    • Covers black adhesive
    • Smart and attractive
  • Mirror Base (W/M)
    • Innovation for modern vehicles which allows the front view mirror to be affixed to the windshield.
    • Button for rear view mirror attached to the windshield.
  • Light Sensor
    • Sensor located on windshield that automatically turns on headlights when entering a darkened area.
  • Rain Sensor (W/R) and Camera
    • Sensor that automatically turns on wipers when drops of water hit windshield
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