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Why is it important to change your damaged windshield immediately?

Does your misis or girlfriend always make sure you have a bottle filled with disinfectant alcohol, hand sanitizer, or really cool, best-smelling cleansing wipes in your car, in addition to what’s already in your black sling bag? Send her a virtual thank you note now with probably some cash for everything she’s added to her cart! 

While the Covid Alert Level has dropped to Level 1, everyone is still trying to be as careful and thoughtful as possible to avoid being exposed to dirt and bacteria. Some even get their cars professionally cleaned and fumigated regularly aside from a basic carwash service. 

But have you given your windshield a thought, which is actually the most common safety feature in your car? Its major ambag is to keep you and your precious loved ones safe, which is always the priority. It also ensures that the airbags work reliably. Once your windshield is damaged, it would be like a broken trust, you may accept it as it is, but it will most likely get shattered again, as chips and cracks can quickly grow bigger and worsen with temperature fluctuations, putting people’s lives at risk. Here are the main reasons why you should replace your damaged windshield right away.

    • It affects your driving vision. Clear visibility is essential for safe driving, and even a minor barrier, such as a chip in the windshield, can significantly reduce your ability to see clearly and respond effectively to road hazards. Furthermore, a cracked windshield is structurally weaker, posing a larger risk of injury in the event of an accident.
    • There is no viable DIY or Tiktok hack for it. A danger might arise if a windshield (or other pieces of auto glass) is not repaired or installed properly. While your car is moving, a badly fixed windshield may crack or shatter. This could lead to a major car collision.
    • It lures thieves to break in and rob you since it is easier to do. You may find yourself alone with your car for most of the time. Finding out that someone can get into your car through your windshield is a stressful experience. Your feeling of security can be shaken, and the stress that follows, as well as the likelihood for it to affect or traumatize you from that point on, can add to your anxiety during this pandemic.
    • Everywhere you go, you can find the most trustworthy auto glass service. At Comglasco Aguila Glass, we make our customers happy with our work. Our employees are multi-taskers; the amount of time you spend with us will be reduced, making you safer. While one guy removes your old, damaged windshield, others begin to work on the new one before it is installed, making the process quicker so you can carry on with the rest of your day or spend more time with your family.

    If you would like a quote, feel free to visit us. Don’t forget to bring your water tumbler if you have one. Stay hydrated! 
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