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What you need to know about windshield

Windshields are mostly known for their important role as part of a vehicle that protects the passengers from the elements outside such as flying debris like dust, insects, smoke, and so on that could distract or harm the occupants inside the automobile. After all, people enjoy the wind breezing through their faces while driving but not when there is a high volume of smoke coming from other vehicles; and that is where windshields come in handy.

Aside from the windshield’s general use, Comglasco Aguila Glass will share a few things that car enthusiasts will love to know, as they will provide some information related to the windshield that is worth knowing.

Here are a few things that Comglasco Aguila Glass wants you to know about the Windshield.

  • Are car windshields made to be bulletproof?
  • Why are car windshields tilted?
  • Is it safe to get your car windshield repaired instead of replaced for small cracks?

Are car windshields made to be bulletproof?

Some car owners may have wondered if windshields can be made bulletproof, in which the answer to this can be just a simple yes and no, but before answering the question, it is best to know first the reason behind its design. Car glasses are either tempered or laminated; both types have a certain strength that will withstand a certain degree of impact. But naturally, glass is a brittle material that will likely break when stress is applied. Still, there are a few exceptions between the two; laminated glass is a type of safety glass because of the properties that they have which make them sturdier than typical glass which is why they are ideal for use as windshields. However, cracks can still occur on the laminated glass so it will need to be repaired or replaced when the damage is irreparable, while tempered glass is also considered safety glass as it is difficult to break but what makes it different from laminated glass, is it disintegrates into grainy small pieces that are “butil-butil” in appearance when an event of breakage happens.

Based on the information that is mentioned, a windshield may be a laminated or tempered type, both can withstand a certain degree of impact but are not capable of withstanding a bullet to be considered bullet-proof glass. There may be cases that a car glass has resisted a bullet that it came into contact with, but no matter how strong it is, there is no guarantee that it can resist all since there will always be a bullet powerful enough to shatter a glass. Though there is bulletproof glass which is used mostly in windows of buildings where it is a requirement due to security reasons, like banks, jewelry stores, embassies, military, private vehicles, and such, however, this bulletproof glass is still not completely impenetrable as a bullet can still puncture through if not break the glass. So, going back to the question if windshields can be made bulletproof, then the answer is no, a windshield can never be bulletproof.

Why are car windshields tilted?

Aerodynamic drag is a condition in which the force of air opposes the direction of an object that is in relative motion at a certain velocity. Hence, the car’s windshield is tilted to help the vehicle cut through the wind efficiently, because a vertical windshield which is seen on some trucks and mostly jeepneys that is a flat surface in design will greatly reduce the speed of a moving vehicle; which in turn requiring the vehicle’s engine to exert more energy. Windshields are designed to be tilted not only to allow air to flow smoothly and lessen wind resistance but also to be more fuel efficient and have a better chance of small rock debris glancing off the surface rather than hitting the glass surface directly.

Is it safe to get your car windshield repaired instead of replaced for small cracks?

Whether it happened by chance or an accident, a damaged windshield is still an upsetting situation even if it is just a small crack. When this happens, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it should be repaired or replaced. Whatever the size of the crack on the glass, it is best to have it replaced rather than opting to repair the damage. The reason for this is that there can be cracks that are not visible to notice by the auto glass technician; leaving the invisible cracks untreated that have the potential to become a bigger problem in the future. So, it is advisable to replace a windshield even if the damage is just a minor one because a new windshield gives the assurance that the glass is free from unwanted scratches or stains.

Knowing these things about the windshield is important because the more you know about it, the better you understand why it is specifically designed in that manner and how to take good care of your windshield. And whenever your windshield gets damaged and needed assistance, just visit the nearest Comglasco Aguila Glass shop at your place because they will always welcome you and are ready to help. 

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