How much does a windshield replacement cost in the Philippines?

Windshield Replacement Price List in the Philippines – Your Go-to Guide

How much will a windshield replacement cost? Now, that is the number one question that comes to mind whenever car owners get their front glass damaged due to inescapable situations. For instance, when a driver is following a truck on a rocky or sandy road, there’s a chance that rocks could come straight flying behind and end up hitting the front window of the vehicle, which is one of the many unavoidable situations.

Returning to the question of “how much will a windshield replacement cost?” In truth, there’s no definite answer to that question considering that prices will vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, the quality of the glass being used (OEM or aftermarket), labor costs, and location. In general, the cost range could vary from a few thousand pesos to several thousand pesos.

As much as we all wanted to have a standard windshield replacement price list that we could easily refer to whenever the need arises, this is impossible due to autoglass companies competing to offer the best prices for their customers. Still, We have provided estimated price ranges, from the lowest to the highest, for different vehicle models ranging from the 1970s up to 2022, giving you at least an idea.

Typical (Median) Cars:

  • Mid-range sedans: ₱2,600 – ₱19,800
  • Compact SUVs: ₱3,600 – ₱16,800
  • Hatchbacks: ₱7,900 – ₱19,800

Average Cars:

  • Mid-size SUVs: ₱6,900 – ₱20,100
  • Larger sedans: ₱4,300 – ₱16,500
  • Crossover vehicles: ₱3,500 – ₱20,100

Common Cars:

  • Economy cars: ₱2,800 – ₱10,000
  • Entry-level sedans: ₱2,800 – ₱6,900
  • Compact cars: ₱5,800 – ₱11,400

Please note that these prices are only estimations so they should not serve as an actual basis. As mentioned earlier and emphasized once again, the cost of an autoglass service can vary depending on factors such as location, availability of parts, and specific windshield features. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional or obtain a quote for accurate and up-to-date pricing.

Comglasco Aguila Glass, your Trusted Brand for Windshield Replacement

Obtaining a reasonable price is a goal that everyone aims for, especially given the recent increase in prices of various products and services in the Philippine economy. This is why obtaining a good deal from a reputable company is a significant factor that influences the overall quality, safety, and satisfaction of the service received. It’s truly a fantastic opportunity for anyone who can secure such a deal.

In the realm of reputable companies in the automotive glass industry, Comglasco Aguila Glass stands out. Comglasco is not merely a brand; it embodies the company’s profound commitment to providing services with genuine passion. Amid the multitude of autoglass companies competing to capture the hearts of potential customers, Comglasco remains steadfast in upholding its corporate values and delivering exceptional customer service.

This dedication is further demonstrated through their provision of services at affordable prices. They ensure that the windshield replacement service is within your budget while still providing value for the quality and reflecting fair and competitive pricing in the market for the services rendered. Moreover, their commitment doesn’t end there; they have skilled and experienced technicians who perform replacements accurately and efficiently, minimizing the chance of errors or future problems while meeting safety and performance standards. This commitment to excellence is what makes the company reputable, as they strictly adhere to industry best practices and safety guidelines to ensure the correct installation of windshields.

When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Windshield?

The second thought that often follows the question, ‘How much will a windshield replacement cost?’ is, ‘When should you consider replacing your windshield?’ A first-time car owner might respond with, ‘There’s no right time at all, it’s just something that must be replaced as soon as possible.’ While this response sounds reasonable, it’s not entirely accurate. While urgency does play a role in windshield replacement, specific circumstances indicate the right time for a replacement. Proper timing depends on factors such as the size and location of damage, impaired visibility, safety concerns, and compliance with local regulations.

Influential Factors in the Cost of Replacing Your Vehicle’s Windshield

A car owner named Reily woke up in the morning and followed her usual routine before heading to work. She made her bed, took a refreshing shower, got dressed, had her breakfast, brushed her teeth, and then entered her car, ready to start her day. However, she immediately noticed a crack on her windshield that hadn’t been there before. Recognizing the seriousness of the issue, she decided to set aside enough money to cover the potential windshield replacement cost.

Feeling well-prepared, Reily called her office to inform her boss about her expected late arrival and explained the reason for it. Her decision turned out to be a prudent one, as her boss proceeded to provide valuable insights into the intricacies of windshield replacement. In this conversation, Reily discovered that multiple factors come into play when determining the cost of replacing a vehicle’s windshield. This revelation left her pleasantly surprised by the various considerations that need to be taken into account.

Now, you may be wondering, what are these multiple factors that Reily learned from her boss, and how will they affect the cost of replacing her windscreen? There are actually several, and we’ll discuss each one.

    • Type of Glass: The type of glass to be used for replacement should be considered and one should know if it is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass or aftermarket glass, as these can impact the cost.
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Different vehicles have varying windshield shapes and sizes. Knowing this assures the driver that the glass prepared by the installer will fit perfectly and helps avoid mistakes during the installation process.
    • Special Features: Some windshields come with advanced features like rain sensors, defrosters, or embedded technologies, which can make replacement more expensive due to the added components. Therefore, make sure to check for these and inform the autoglass technicians to avoid unexpected issues when the damaged windshield needs replacement.
  • Extent of Damage: The size, severity, and location of the damage, whether it’s a small chip or a large crack, influence the cost. Extensive damage might require a full windshield replacement instead of a repair.
  • Additional Services: Additional services, such as recalibrating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), contribute to the overall cost. Make sure to have these systems checked, as nobody wants to return to the shop later due to discovering that the systems are not functioning properly. Your safety is at risk if these systems do not operate correctly.
  • Geographic Location: Costs can vary based on location due to differences in local labor rates, market demand, and supplier availability. To obtain an overall windshield replacement price list, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment and request a quote from the autoglass shop.
  • Insurance Coverage: An insurance policy might cover part or all of the replacement cost, depending on the coverage and deductible. Checking with the insurance provider can greatly assist in managing one’s budget and achieving financial savings.
  • Warranty: Warranties assure customers that their investment is protected. The added value of warranty coverage can result in a slightly higher cost compared to services without warranties. It’s important to inquire whether the shop offers varying warranty options, as more extensive warranties that provide greater coverage might lead to higher replacement costs.
  • Market Competition: Prices can be influenced by competitive pricing among different autoglass service providers in your area. Therefore, take the time to canvass for the right price, as obtaining quality service combined with an affordable cost is a great deal and certainly worth it in the long run.

Always check these factors to make informed decisions and minimize unexpected expenses. Diligence and careful consideration when dealing with windshield replacement highlights the relationship between knowledge and achieving a successful, cost-effective outcome.

Under What Circumstances Does Insurance Include Windshield Repair?

The circumstances under which insurance covers windshield repair vary depending on the policy and provider. Generally, insurance may cover windshield repair when damage arises from unavoidable incidents such as rocks or debris impacting the windshield, extreme weather conditions, or accidents that were not the policyholder’s fault. While each policy and provider may exhibit specific nuances, certain common circumstances tend to be universally recognized. Let’s delve into these to know and further understand the said circumstances.

Unavoidable Incidents: Insurance companies can help pay for your windshield if something unexpected and out of your control happens to it. For example, if rocks hit your windshield while you’re driving, or a tree branch falls and breaks it during a storm. These things are considered accidents and are not your fault, so your insurance might cover the cost of fixing them.

Accidents Not at Fault: If you get into a car accident and it’s not your fault, your insurance might help fix your windshield. For instance, if someone crashes into your car and breaks the windshield, your insurance would pay to fix or replace it. This way, you don’t have to pay for something that wasn’t your mistake.

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive insurance is like a special type of coverage that helps when things happen to your car that aren’t crashes. It can cover stuff like if your car gets stolen, or if someone damages it on purpose (like breaking your windows). Even if a tree falls on your car during a storm, this insurance might pay to fix your windshield because it’s part of the coverage.

Policy-Specific Inclusions: Some insurance plans are like special packages that already have fixing or changing your windshield included. It’s like adding a bonus to your main insurance. But it’s important to carefully look at the papers that explain your insurance or talk to the people who gave you the insurance to make sure that getting a new windshield is mentioned as one of the good things it covers.

No-Fault States: In some places, there’s a special rule where your insurance helps you even if the accident wasn’t your fault. This includes fixing your windshield. The idea is to make things faster and easier so that you can get your car fixed quickly without arguing about who’s to blame for the accident.

Deductible Consideration: When your insurance helps with windshield repair, there’s something important to know. It’s called a deductible, which is like a part you have to pay before the insurance helps. This can make a big difference in what you choose to do – whether to use your insurance or pay for the repair yourself. It’s like deciding how much money you want to spend on your own before the insurance steps in.

We know that there’s so much to take in with all the information mentioned. In the end, being able to understand the intricacies of windshield replacement costs, insurance coverage, and the factors involved, you can make informed decisions that prioritize your safety, budget, and overall driving experience.

Whether navigating the bustling streets of Manila or cruising along scenic highways, whenever your autoglass gets damaged, you can always contact the nearest branch of Comglasco Aguila Glass to schedule an appointment or obtain a quote for your windshield replacement cost. This way, you can budget and prepare early for when the time for the unexpected comes.

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